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is one of the most interesting islands with its outstanding natural beauty and archaeological sites. With guaranteed sunshine, fantastic beaches, pleasant seas, water sport facilities, golfing, sightseeing in the old towns and a huge variety of taverns and restaurants, Corfu island surely has something for everyone.


in Corfu will find you to come face to face with over 600 species of wild flowers…and a surprising number of exotic birds – including pelicans and hippoes, golden orioles and bee eaters. As well as creatures like foxes and pine martens and even the island’s famous wild tortoises. Corfu’s season extends from Easter to October, the most popular time being in the summer.

The Island

is something you can’t understand immediately, but you have to discover it slowly, day after day. Thousand years ago they landed in Corfu with their legendary boats and little by little they started to discover its colours, its perfumes, its sounds and sensations. Today you will be impressed by long sandy beaches, marvelous bay, picturesque mountain villages, large olive tree forests and the old town with its ancient stones and hidden lovely places.


where Greek, Roman, Venetian and French occupations have left their marks, including two forts. Many myths and legends feature Corfu including: Hercules, Homer, Odysseus and Jason with his Argonauts. Not surprisingly, Corfu town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and this has helped to protect and preserve the architecture and monuments on Corfu.